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Mrs H.T. – Pianist, Composer and Performer

I am a pianist. In January 2019, following hearing shocks at my work, I couldn’t give any lessons without protections, neither muted piano, and the concerts that I give are unbearable for me. Tinnitus, hissing and hums compelled me to work with noise-cancelling headphones, as well as a -30dB filter cap.

Every event in my life is unbearable at this time and life in society is very difficult for me. These hyperacusis symptoms have been present for a long time, they worsened during this period and forced me to find a cure solution in order to possibly change my career path.

I was introduced to the Hearing Institute of Resources by one of my brother’s friends who did the cure in 2018.

My first meeting with Ms. Bonneyrat in Spring 2019 was decisive : her professionalisms, as well as for further improvement of my hearing and my life in general, discussed in this interview encouraged me to do this cure.

She was also the first person in the medical profession who answered my questions and offered me solutions.  For a long time, I’ve met hearing aid specialists or other medical specialists who concluded that “Nothing can be done for you, it cannot be cured”, “Hearing protections are the only means available to relieve you.

During the cure, the effectiveness of the sound treatments allow me to find sound tolerance levels again at the highest level. Ms. Bonneyrat is very attentive and very available.

In parallel with this sound cure, a follow up was made based on a precise analysis of the link between pain in events in my life.

In October 2019, at the end of the cure, I resumed my professional activities: I started giving back my classes again without any protection in the same places where I previously had my hearing shocks, and I also found the pleasure of sculpting the sound with my piano. I can also listen to music again, go to concerts and movies… In short, I’m back to a “normal” life!! what I had put aside for the past few years…

I would like to thank Ms. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat for her listening, her patience and her skills in this area.

I thank Mr & Mrs Bonneyrat for their warm welcome and kindness.

A HUGE thank you to them !

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