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Mr Jérome D. – EP teacher

As a physical education teacher, I always worked in a noisy environment. At the same time, I played music, without protection.

From 2008, lights whistles started to appear and became more pronounced over time. Around 2010, PE classes became more and more difficult for my hearing. Hyperacusis was there!

In 2013, I was paired but, as a result, the tinnitus multiplied. The volume of the prostheses were too strong and the tinnitus was very high and made my life a living hell for 5 years.

Then, after the same repetitions, the half-confession of incapacity, when it wasn’t a little «almost» our fault, I discovered the ØREBLUE® method.

I made an appointment and went to La Rochelle in spring 2019.

The rest is nothing but happiness to tell. I was received and really listened to, we analyzed everything from top to bottom and the protocol started.

At the end of the second week, I decided to remove my prostheses to never put them back again.

The sound therapy as well as the follow-up allowed me to live again normally, with nothing in my ears… aaahh the blowing wind, I had forgotten!

Alternating auditory rest and therapy, I am now cured of hyperacusis. It is a rebirth and I am very grateful to Mrs Bonneyrat and her husband.

Expertise, listening, empathy and benevolence are the words that immediately come to mind to qualify this institute.

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