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Øreblue protocol

A new life is at hand


give meaning to sounds


“Do you want
to start living again”

You suffer from complex hearing disorders, such as hyperacusis and tinnitus.

You have desperately looked for a solution but all your efforts were in vain.

Your invisible ailments make you misunderstood, even sometimes by your close ones, and lead you to isolation. Your vulnerability is heightenedleading to a progressive lowering of your energy levels.

The medical profession can, sometimes, be lead to minimize symptoms associated and their devastating consequences on your life and on your health.

Today, you have just found the answer. My name is Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat and I have developed the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol based on an alternative and integrative approach of highly qualified and completely individualized care.

I am passionate about human beings. Listening to what is hiding behind the illness and understanding it make a true difference in the lives of every one of my patients.

natacha chetritt-bonneyrat experte de l'audition, hyperacousie et acouphène. Oreblue institute à la rochelle. centre auditif
Audiologist Of The Year 2019. Treatment hyperacusis and tinnitus


international expert
in hyperacusis and tinnitus

Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat is the founder of the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol and the designer of a medical device to process acoustic signals, certified EC (European Conformity) medically in March 2019.

Elected Best Hearing Aid Specialist in France in 2019, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat is also the author of a clinical trial published in August 2021 in the international scientific journal Journal of Hearing Science.

Qualified in integratives therapies and training in psychology, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat strongly recommends a holistic approach to lavish the best care quality one could be entitled to expect on her patients, only guarantee of respecting individuals in their singularity, 

She was recently asked to speak on different themes related to chronic pains and henceforth trains health professionals on her ØREBLUE® protocol so as to offer her expertise to a wider number of people.

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"those invisible pains
which control your life"


insidiously imprison


relentlessly sweep over

Protocole thérapeutique Øreblue

A new life is at hand


confirmed Innovative therapy

You suffer from incapacitating chronic pathologies, such as hyperacusis and tinnitus, which have devastating impacts on your life and your health.

You experience your hearing difficulties as a handicap that prevents you from fully enjoying life.

Today you desire to find the joy of living back…To put an end to your torment.

The ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol, designed by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat is the solution.

It allows you to get rid of hyperacusis symptoms lastingly and to significantly reduce, if not root out completely, those from tinnitus, instead of artificially concealing them.




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