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history in the making since 1991

Native of Nantes, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat grew up in a hearing impaired world in both the figurative and the literal sense of the word confronted by her own pain.

She was passionate about medicine which she thought was her calling, but different rather significant events in her life lead her away from this field, which did not necessarily bring the solutions and answers to complex pathologies, and chronic pains she was looking for.

It was a cousin, priest of the artists, who suggested the hearing-aid specialist profession, it was a true eye-opener for her.

Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat then started her higher education studies at Edouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon where she prepared a University Degree in audiophonology and functional explorations. Given her brilliant results and aptitudes, she was granted the right to pursue specialties usually reserved for professionals or more experienced students. During that time, she worked alongside professors Morgon, Dubreuil, Truy, and more specifically with Professor Lionel Collet.

It’s within this hospital department of ENT specialists, as Professor Collet’s intern, and confronted with the confusion of her patients suffering from tinnitus, which echoed with her own story, that the desire to devote her professional career to it became crystal clear.

Thereafter, she graduated from the Pharmacy program of the University of Montpellier where her knowledge and skills were rewarded by the delivery of the State Hearing Aid Specialist Diploma in 1997.

She returned to Brittany and settled in Quimper to practice her profession and her calling as a hearing aid specialist, as a freelance worker non-affiliated to a group, which gave her the necessary freedom to pursue in depth researches on understanding the mechanisms of tinnitus, all while practicing.

Relentless, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat would, in March 2001, take part in the first training session ever given in France by Professor Pawel J.Jastrebooff, to teach his TRT® method (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy).

During that time, her sensibility and her involvement would lead her to co-found with M J.J. Lepage and the doctors’ collaboration, the Finisterian Association for Hearing Disorders (AFDA in French, Association Finistérienne des enfants Déficients Auditifs)

In 2004, her affection for working with children, pushed Natacha to buy an emblematic Parisian laboratory which specializes in hearing-aids for children. She then worked tirelessly, collaborating with the most renowned hospitals of the French capital such as the Armand Trousseau, Robert Debré, Necker hospitals or the Arthur Vernes private hospital on matters such as medical care for children’s hearing aids, especially newborns.

As she pushed on with her empirical research she’d began after graduating, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat understood very quickly that the phantom limb theory or the hearing loss theory to justifiy having tinnitus were  both incorrect.

They were just popular beliefs tirelessly repeated, a lie spread by some, who in turn ended-up believing in it themselves, rather than humbly recognized their limits in a field in which they were out of their depths.

Remember that Pasteur said: “Béchamp was right: microbes are nothing, the field is everything”, and how Hippocrates, father of said “modern” medicine, already considered illnesses as an alteration of moods in connection with different tempers.

So in 2009, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat decided to devote more of her time to research. She thus sold her laboratory, whose reputation was established, and left to set up her practice in the countryside.

She then placed special care in looking for patients with a common denominator to establish a factual replicable baseline study as any scientific process demands.

This decision will impact the future favorably!

Despite her scientific curriculum and a very Cartesian mind, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat will connect to the psychological factor of any original trauma. She will further her audiology and physical acoustics by studying psychology, and later through another in integrative therapy. This will lead her to comprehend patients in their individual entirety.

Her ambition was to create a model according to the precepts of holistic medicine, so as to offer patients, throughout their entire care process, the physical and psychological support conducive to healing.

In 2011, tenacious and steadfast in her belief, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat designed, after 21 years of research, a medical device to treat the auditory system and the corresponding therapeutic protocol to offer patients the chance to rid themselves of all their symptoms as a complete active participant of the healing process.

It’s this tridimensional work where Man is at the center of the therapist’s preoccupations which will create the ØREBLUE® therapeutic method, which allows, today, to rid yourself of hyperacusis symptoms durably and to reduce significantly, if not permanently, those of tinnitus.


major events

August 2022

Publishing of clinical trial results identified NCT04752176 on
This second publishing of the work carried out by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat lends international visibility to the ØREBLUE® method.

January 2022

End of clinical trial Clinical – identify NCT04752176
It confirms the excellent results of the first trial and makes it possible to state that the ØREBLUE® method is efficient on tinnitus and hyperacusis symptoms.

August 2021

The year 2021 bestows medical acknowledgement on Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT’s work by publishing the clinical trial results of ØREBLUE® therapy on a sample of patients in the international scientific journal Journal of Hearing Science.

February 2021

New clinical trial granted
Clinical – identify NCT04752176

January 2020

Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT and the company Mayfair Develoments SAS, launched an important R&D program to design a new mobile medical device christened Nømad Treat®.
She received the support of the New Aquitaine region in the category for Technological Medical Innovation.

October 2019

Rewarded for her professionalism and the conscientiousness she shows in the care management of her patients, Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT was elected Best Hearing Aid Specialist in France by a jury of professionals (Audiologist Of The Year Competition).

March 2019

The medical device conceived for the functional recovery of the auditory system, NCB#100, designed by Mayfair Developments SAS was awarded the lla class medical device label in accordance with the European directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices.

September 2017

Less than two years after its creation, Natacha CHETRITT-BONNEYRAT’s company Mayfair Developments SAS was certified ISO 13485-2016 raising the company to the rank of medical devices manufacturer.