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Protocole thérapeutique Øreblue

A new life is at hand


complex hearing disorders

What is the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol

The ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol designed by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat is a personalized hearing sound therapy to restore cortical organization.

The goal is to reduce the hyperactivity reactions of the nervous systems (autonomic and limbic) linked to tinnitus, and to heighten the sound dynamic by increasing the plasticity of the subconscious neuronal systems stimulated in the context of hyperacusis.

It has been observed that tinnitus and hyperacusis symtoms produce states of global hypervigilance in patients, which lead to an aversive reflex, similar to the one triggered by any threat to our well-being.

In such situations, it is reasonable to think that the brain might be tempted to filter or withdraw the subject from the sound stimulus perceived as invasive.

This is why, unlike therapies which use sound generators, the ØREBLUE® protocol, during the hearing rehabilitation process, relies on the use of music. One of the major expected benefits is to induce in the patient a state of large receptivity that favors a better acceptance of the treatment.

Thanks to the medical device designed by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat, the audible support is altered through our softwares, whose specifically developed algorithms apply acoustics filters specific to the medical and emotional auditory pattern of the patient, making each therapeutic program specific and entirely personalized.

The medical equipment currently used, whose manufacture has been entrusted to a French engineering company to meet European medical norms, was created using both a multitude of medical and acoustic data analyzed by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat and through the design of a prototype of her own making to process audio signals.

This medical equipment received in March 2019, the class lla medical device certification (N°CE 667381 by BSI) and is officially registered at the ANSM (l’Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des Produits de Santé or National Agency for Drug Safety and other Health products).

It is the first medical equipment to obtain the class lla medical device certification, guaranteeing a clinical benefit to the care given to patients suffering from hyperacusis.

For the second part, we will answer Hippocrates’ affirmation “the body works up an illness to cure itself.”/ “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” Then, as Françoise Dolto famously said “I lend you my ears so you can better hear.” Because “what is not brought to consciousness, comes to us as fate” said Carl Gustave Jung.

Here, we will address important events of your life and give epigenetics all its meaning.

Which will lead to the third part, that of change, which will take us to the field of neurosciences.

Changing the way you think when faced with recurring emotions to finally put behind the original trauma which has kept part of you and your energy unwisely monopolized for years.

The ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol includes holistic medicine principles through which the patient receives top quality care through our unique medical equipment and through a support system personalized by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat.

Today, the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol can remove hyperacusis symptoms for a long time and significantly reduce, even root out those of tinnitus.

As many doctors have emphasized, without the patient’s determination to heal, the care given, as exemplary as it may be, will remain inefficient. The patient is the only architect of his own healing, with the practitioner’s guidance.

What are the steps for the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol

The first phase consists in an in-depth diagnosis called “Preliminary Checkup” which assesses the subject’s problem and ascertains whether the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol is required.

It will be carried out by Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat, in particular regarding the series of allowed hearing tests and the analysis of the “Personal Medical Survey” filled in by the concerned party.

After, once Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat has made sure that the entire medical research required hasn’t revealed any treated factors or pathologies that would explain the appearance of the symptom, we will then, with all proper reserves, start treatment.

In this regard, it will be pertinent to put in correlation, with the date the symptom appeared, the events that took place in the subject’s environment which could inform us on the nature of the catalyst stress factor.

After both parties have come to an agreement and committed themselves to treatment, a precise and customized hearing program for functional readjustment is set up. The concerned party will be accompanied throughout his entire therapy, and will also benefit from a frequent and regular monitoring during the entire treatment, to make sure the subject is responding well and the therapy working properly.

For that purpose, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat will perform, at the start of each new session, a hearing checkup to measure the progress achieved since the previous session.

Owing to the process’ distinctiveness, the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol will only be performed within the Institute in a 7 weeks treatment course, divided into 3 sessions, spread out over 4 to 5 months as follows:

The first session tallies a total of 30 hours of readjustment divided in sessions of 2 hours a day of listening time, at a rate of 5 times a week (from Monday to Friday).

An interval of 4 to 6 weeks is then required before starting the second session of 20 hours of work divided up as previously, followed once again by another break of 4 to 6 weeks.

The third and last session of 20 hours will settle the therapy in definitely (so long as the subject respects a suitable sound hygiene).

At the end of the protocol, Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat will ensure that (within the scope of hyperacusis symptoms) the subject has recovered thresholds of normal subjective discomfort. In order to do this, we will use data defined by the medical profession in ENT specialist books, such as Fletcher’s Equal-Loudness Contours.

The strict respect of the ØREBLUE® methodology guarantees optimal results.

Furthermore, the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol does not include any medicinal phase (it is of course understood that any subject under a previous medicinal treatment will not stop taking it without the consent of its prescriber).

The rate for the ØREBLUE® therapeutic protocol (preliminary checkup not included) varies according to the complexity of the person’s auditory pattern and will be specifically defined after the preliminary checkup.