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Mr Olivier N.

In December 2016, during a concert, I suffered from a very significant sound trauma. Following it, my daily life was totally questioned. Everything was an attack to my ears:  my work, groceries shops, movies, car traffic, meals with friends… a total disappearance of silence. In addition to this hyperacusis and tinnitus, I was in a second state, exhausted.

Before finding Øreblue therapy, I tried all kinds of therapies: allopathic medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy, magnetism, Sophro, Qi qong,. the list is long, and nothing worked, I was TOTALLY desperate!

Finally, in March 2018, I found Øreblue on the internet. During the first phone call, i realized that maybe i had THE solution to get out this hell. This was later on confirmed.

After a first 6-hour meeting in La Rochelle with Mrs Bonneyrat, where she convinced me by her listening and the breadth of her knowledge, I followed the therapy with confidence.

Today, I’m cured of hyperacusis and my tinnitus has gone down. The cranial vice and the second state disappeared completely at the end of the first session and hyperacusis disappeared completely as the sessions progressed.

At La Rochelle, I received personalized follow-up.  Indeed, Mrs Bonneyrat adapts her treatment to each patient following her personal feelings. Before each session, a hearing programme shall be developed taking into account the tolerance levels measured. Ms. Bonneyrat remained available and always listening to me throughout the journey, providing an answer to all my questions. Mr Bonneyrat, comforting and benevolent helped me very often to hold on, so much the hyperacusis was a test for me . I have not met anywhere else these supports and this unique benevolence.

If necessary I will follow the tinnitus path in the fall of 2019.

I can only say one word: THANK YOU, Mr and Mrs Bonneyrat, thanks to you I can return to my normal life.

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