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Mrs Magali C. – Professor

In august 2018, I realized that I developed a new pathology at the same time as tinnitus.

Days passed, and can I put a name on what happens to me: hyperacusis.

Some noises such as door snaps, metallic sounds, loud voices, the cries of children annoy me.

My tinnitus amplifies.

I suffer from headaches almost daily accompanied by dizziness.

I obviously fell into a depressed state after consulting the medical profession, which provided no solution for me.

I thought my social and professional life was over.

At the end of August, I discovered the Øreblue therapy on the internet and decided to go there very quickly.

I started therapy in early October of the same year.

I performed my sessions until March 2019

Outcome: I am cured of hyperacusis and some tinnitus have disappeared. No more headaches! The therapy also allowed “my sounds” to calm down: tinnitus excited several times a day for no reason. I have rediscovered my pleasure of life, my projects and a new life, now aware that it can be fragile.

I am deeply grateful to Mrs Bonneyrat for her presence and her skills in this field. A huge thank you!

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