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Mr Aléxis P. – Engineer

Further to the use of a drill for my ear, I was subjected  to a first sound trauma and during the days following I had an earache.

I had an awkwardness in everyday life and I had to cover my ears when for example there is a motorcycle, works in the street or a noisy restaurant or bar.

Therefore, I went to an ENT specialist who told me nothing could be done. I saw a second one who made me the same diagnostis. Then I looked for and found in the hospital on my town, an ENT specialist professor, specialist on hearing pains, who told me my sorrow would pass alone.

So for a year I did nothing, the condition of my ear improved slightly and I lived this way with reasonable care.

Then one day, I went to a concert. I protected my ears with earplugs, I didn’t feel any specific pain at the time but after the concert and in the days that followed, the pain became more and more intense.

Everyday life situations became more and more complicated like children who scream, and I didn’t take the risk of reading them a story without having my ear defenders.

The situation had become a real handicap, so I looked for information on the internet and found several forums that mentioned the existence of the OREBLUE method. Some testimonies were very positive and others very sceptical.

I was conscious of the need to distance myself from forums where people testify anonymously, so I decided to contact OREBLUE to get my own opinion.

As soon as I made contact and the first appointment, I understood that I had finally found people who understand and know how to treat this problem of noise-hypersensitivity (hyperacusis).

So I followed a protocol and of course I can only recommend it as I have now returned to a normal life.

To my knowledge and at the time of writing this testimony at the end of 2019, it is the only solution to treat hyperacusis that I know of.

If you have to remember just one message from this testimony, here it is: YES there is a solution to the problem of hyperacusis and make up your own mind by going to La Rochelle.

Good luck

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