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Patient who wished to remain anonymous – Engineer

I have been suffering from hyperacusis for 5 years now due to a sound trauma.

After many years of medical wandering, resignation and suffering linked to hyperacusis, Mrs Bonneyrat’s treatment seemed to me to be an original alternative in order to find a solution to the many ailments caused by this condition.

At the Hearing Institute of Resources I was able to find an approach centred on the human being and listening to the patients and I would like to thank Mrs and Mr Bonneyrat for the quality of the care provided as well as for their attentive listening during the treatment and break phases.

Initially sceptical, I was able to observe positive developments in my condition which now make me consider the possibility of a long-term cure. I have found more comfort and a certain appeasement in the face of the noises in my daily life, both in my private and professional life.

I encourage people who have been suffering from this disease for months or years to try this approach in order to be able to get rid of their physical but also psychological suffering related to this disease.

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