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Miss Laëtia A. – Unemployed person

I developed hyperacusis in March 2017 after being in  a bar where hearing levels were excessive. In order not to appear offensive, in order not to disturb I preferred to take on myself and protect myself with pieces of handkerchief in my ears.

The week after my exposure , I felt an intense pain in my right ear and I was dizzy when I walked down the street. Being a little sick at the time, I wasn’t worried.

It was when I couldn’t stand the noise of the television any more that I began to understand what it was all about.

It was while attending the forums in search of solutions that I discovered several months later Hearing Institute of Resources. At that moment, I wore earplugs all the time, I was struggling with depression and had tried hypnosis without success.

When I called the center, I felt like it was the first step towards healing. It was just a resistant feeling, I wasn’t sure of anything but I didn’t have anything to lose either.

The first contact reassured me. M. Bonneyrat knows how to anticipate our questions and our fears. He knows that case and it is not an unknown field. I have been informed and reassured by e-mail and telephone and my decision was quickly made. I took a train from Lyon to La Rochelle with apprehension and suffering. It had been a long time since I had made such an important decision and I already felt proud and more in control of myself.

I progressed linearly with a peak at the end of the second session. You’ll be told in the centre, there will be less good moments that precede an evolution, and while my little path was rather stable I thought I was having a relapse at the end.

Everybody is different but it is essential to begin this therapy with a maximum investment, with all our resources and our courage because without our motivation, Msr Bonneyrat can not do anything.

I was followed and supported all along to find the underlying causes of the disease. Why did my body decide to become dysfunctional in this way ?

Physics and mind are inseparable and healing takes place on these two levels, the sound therapy and the follow-up of Msr Bonneyrat. Her  experience allowed her to apprehend all types of situations with professionalism and empathy to guarantee us healing.

In the centre you can see everyone progressing, everyone has their doubts and sometimes it happened to me in the middle of a conversation to say “Ah yes! I’ve been there too”. Patients come and go out transformed. I have not been an exception.

Taking the first step and making a phone call is a good start. I have stopped using forums because they bog us down with the disease, we are the only ones who are responsible for our success. I think this is good advice.

Thank you for this new life.

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