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Mrs Claire B. – Logistician

I developed hyperacusis and tinnitus at the age of 16 following a festival. Soon my life became a living hell. I was in pain and couldn’t go to parties with my friends. I lost my friends, my youth and my carefree attitude. I also missed my school year because I couldn’t concentrate because of my tinnitus.

I tried various things to remedy it but despite my research and efforts the disease was getting worse and I had developed anticipatory reflexes which contributed to my isolation and to maintaining the disease.

I started the therapy in April 2019, I quickly made progress. At the end of the therapy I was already feeling much better. My main symptom of hyperacusis had disappeared and I no longer had any ringing in my ears with noises. I still had some other less serious symptoms (headaches, burning sensation etc)

With time and appeasement all my other symptoms disappeared and I continue to progress year after year. I can tolerate more and more things and I am less and less afraid of noise. The people around me still talk to me regularly about my progress (which I no longer realise).

Thanks to the therapy I was able to have a little girl with my husband and everything is going well.

I would like to thank Yves and Natacha for allowing me to do this therapy. Thank you for your encouragement and the follow-up after the therapy which helped me enormously.

I am now happy and it is thanks to them.

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