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Mr Tanguy Ligot – University Professor

I have been suffering from hyperacusis for over 10 years. At the beginning it was only a discomfort when I heard certain noises, but with time the discomfort became pain and more and more noises seemed unbearable.

Of course, I consulted many specialists (ENT specialists, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, etc.). Some tried to treat me, others didn’t even try, but they all gave up in the end. During this period I had to take every possible medication and of course I tried the famous TRT (those constant white noises in my ears drove me crazy very quickly).

It took me several years to finally, by chance, find an ENT doctor who would not let me down. He was honest in admitting that unfortunately, at the time, hyperacusis was not well known and that there was no miracle treatment but that he would try to relieve me. He started by testing everything that had already worked (stomatology, hypnosis, EMDR, osteopathy, sophrology, mindfulness…) and as the hyperacusis was making me hypernervous, he had me followed by a psychiatrist.

Unfortunately nothing worked and my case got worse. I had to stop working, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was desperate and, with the agreement of my ENT specialist, I took part in clinical trials which did not work. I couldn’t leave my house, even the sound of birdsong was unbearable.

Then I heard about the ØREBLUE® method from a friend who had just started the therapy and was already seeing progress. I spoke about it to my ENT specialist who didn’t know anything about it but, after asking around, advised me to give it a try (I had nothing to lose), especially as Mrs Bonneyrat was, according to him, a serious person. Of course I did my own research on the internet and social networks. I found positive and negative reviews but, surprisingly, the negative reviews were only from people who had not done the therapy.

I have to admit that it seemed too good to be true but I went anyway with the will to heal… and it worked. I expected therapy to be painful (everything that touched my ears was painful) but it wasn’t. It wasn’t easy every day, but it must be said that the support of Mrs. and Mr. Bonneyrat made it possible to overcome all the difficulties. I felt listened to, understood… I felt that for them my recovery was really important. I have rarely met health professionals for whom the human aspect is so important.

I can only recommend this therapy. It worked on me but also on all the people who were undergoing the therapy at the same time as me.

I cannot thank Mrs. and Mr. Bonneyrat enough for giving me back my life.