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Mr Sébastien G. – Graphic designer

I am writing this testimonial more than a year after my treatment for hyperacusis at the Institute.

Despite the successive periods of confinement which resulted in delayed opportunities to be exposed to exceptional sound levels, the results are there.

After more than 7 years, I finally participated in an indoor concert again a few weeks ago. This was the final step for me, which now firmly establishes my recovery.

When you have been living daily for many years in constant fear of this invisible enemy, noise, which can attack you at any time and without warning, hurting you physically and mentally, when you become more isolated every day, when your loved ones understand but no longer know how to help you, when vacuuming without hearing protection is a nightmare, when you believe yourself to be condemned, I let you imagine the happiness that comes when you become a little more aware each day that you are regaining your daily life without pain and anguish.

Personally, what touches me the most is the joy expressed by my relatives and the way they have gradually become aware that, at last, we can share moments again, whether they are quiet or noisy…

The help provided by Natacha and Yves is precious, I thank them once again for their listening, the confidence and the assurance they gave me, the Øreblue treatment is a success.

A café terrace, music in my headphones, an ambulance passes by, suddenly a big smile appears on my face, I am relaxed now…

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