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Mr Valérian B. – School teacher

My name is Valerian. I have been suffering from hyperacusis since about 2013, triggered after several sound shocks.

Before that, I was a musician and a school teacher, my life was about noise.

I joined Øreblue in September 2020.

I was torn by doubt before my first session: “it will work for others but not for me”, these were the kind of ideas I had in my head before the beginning of the treatment, so much so that hyperacusis represented in my mind an incurable evil.

I had tried many things in 7 years of hyperacusis, but I immediately felt the difference in seriousness when I arrived at Øreblue.

Nothing is left to chance.

From the initial interview onwards you feel understood, and you have that feeling because you are.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonneyrat form a perfect duo to accompany you, to reassure you, and to put everything in place for the good progress of your recovery.

They are backed by real experience and positive results that are accumulating. All the hyperacousics I met during the cure were in the process of healing and noted great improvements with each stay.

After 7 years of more than complicated moments, with relapses and despair, I can tell you that everything is possible again. I can go out in the street again without embarrassment, I can listen to music again, and I am well on the way to saying goodbye to this disease that made me suffer so much (some minor finishing touches were done in the weeks and months after the end of the treatment).

I can only recommend this therapy. My only regret is not to have discovered it earlier.