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Mrs Marylise A.

Shortly before the age of 30 I started hearing tinnitus: within a few months and with the good advice of an ENT specialist I was able to ignore it and stop worrying about it.

But 10 years later, my hearing troubles became disastrous : I became extremely sensitive to noises with very loud tinnitus. After numerous appointments with specialists and inconclusive therapy trials, my hearing problems were even more disabling. My noise-hypersensitivity became serious and painful and the tinnitus unbearable.

The slightest noise hurt my ears: plastic bags, crumpled or torn paper, a fan, air-conditioning or toilet blow, velcro and zips.

The daily noises were suffering: door slamming and squeaking, dog barking, baby crying, the voices of some people, dishes and cutlery, the hoover and hair dryer, the television, the car, the singing of the birds.

And of course it was impossible for me to stay in sound environments such as: family parties, meals with friends, shops, hairdressing salons, restaurants, railway stations, cinemas, theatres.

After more than five (5) years of ordeal ( I was forced to wear a noise-cancelling helmet and to stay indoors) I had the chance to meet Ms Natacha Bonneyrat, founder of the Oreblue protocol. During the first check-up appointment, Ms Bonneyrat took the time to seriously study my medical file like never before. She carried out all the hearing tests to evaluate my deafness, my sound tolerance and to define the frequencies of my tinnitus.

I was impressed by her professionalism and her multidisciplinary skills. Following this appointment, I decided to follow the Oreblue method in order to heal from hyperacusis.

Throughout my therapy, Ms Natacha Bonneyrat has been an unfailing support for the psychological follow-up (whether during the sessions at the institute or during the rest time at home). Her husband M. Bonneyrat has also always been attentive and present, giving me precious advice on how to move forward.

Positive changes in sound tolerance occurred gradually over the course of the therapy.

Then it took me a few months to feel at ease again in noisier atmospheres: it was a real training for the long run (as for the race you start by doing a 5 kilometres before doing a marathon).

To date (6 months after the end of the treatment) I am cured of hyperacusis.

Ordinary daily noises no longer make me suffer at all. I was delighted to return to a social life: eating in restaurants, shopping and taking part in family parties… I can once again enjoy the simple pleasures of life: opening gift packages, singing while listening to a CD, enjoying the sound of the stream during a hike, preparing a pan-cooked dish, laughing and hearing a laugh… My family and friends are amazed at my incredible rebirth, both physically and mentally.

I have started the specific protocol for tinnitus in order to make these very aggressive parasitic noises disappear.

I encourage all people suffering from hyperacusis to have full confidence in Mrs Natacha Bonneyrat. I have the deepest respect for this extraordinary woman.

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