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Mr Piero S. – Marine Ingineer

I’m writing after 6 month since my last session at La Rochelle because I wanted to confirm the sustainability in the time of my healing.

Yes, I say healing, even if my tinnitus has not totally disappeared, it has been reduced in such a radical way that my life has totally changed : I have regained hope, desire to live, pleasure of being myself without embarrassment at every moment. And this radical change is confirmed and even improved over time!

As it was possible for me, in 24 years of suffering, who have tried everything in my obstacle course, meeting many committed and benevolent people, but never a real result? I do not have the answer, except to testify to the reliability of the treatment (very deep diagnostic visit then 7 weeks – for me 9 thanks to two weeks in addition “offered”! – fairly intensive personalized music therapy combined with a psychotherapy pathway.

The last one aimed at understanding what in my life increases and what on the contrary (the true inner self! ) makes it unnecessary and therefore leads to reduce tinnitus. Ms. Natacha has shown a deep understanding of the very strict link between physiological and psychological factors that cause this symptom, which has been very difficult for me to endure for 24 years. Everything takes place in a climate of great empathy and fraternity, helped also by the warm and smiling welcome of Mr. Yves and by the benevolent exchanges between us during all the treatment.

Without forgetting the incredible charm of the city and the bike paths along the coast, which helps the way by filling the free time with sun, ocean, clean air and other energies of hope.

My gratitude to Ms Natacha and the entire team that made this journey of healing possible – almost unexpected in its early days – is great and sincere.

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