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Mr Julien M.

In February 2016 I forgot my foam plugs to attend a concert, I panicked very badly at the time thinking that it was probably dangerous not to protect myself. I went to the concert without them, thinking that it wouldn’t cost me my hearing for once.

The next day and the following days, I developed a certain sensitivity of hearing, it was sometimes complicated, but I was still able to live more or less normally, but I still put on foam plugs to go to work. It went on like that for about 2 years.

In April 2018, a week after a concert where I had a great reunion, I found myself plunged into the world of hyperacusis. My whole life was turned upside down without me being able to control anything, intolerance to all types of noise, especially the fridge, dishes, music. Afterwards I consulted several ENT specialists, but without success. I held out for 1 year in my profession as a fishmonger in a supermarket where I eventually gave up due to hearing exhaustion.

In October 2019, I started looking for possible treatments and I quickly found a Youtube link where Mrs Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat was interviewed about Hearing Institute Of Resources and the Øreblue protocol.

That was enough to convince me and at that point I had nothing left to lose. I had already lost my job, my social life and my ability to play music.

I was supposed to start the treatment protocol on 16 March 2020, but due to the health situation, we had to postpone the treatment until 31 August 2020.

Since my arrival, I have applied to the letter the work requested by Natacha. Yes, it is a constant and relentless work, it is not enough to come and wait for the results.

At the end of each session, the results were more than favourable, which motivated me to continue on this path.

This therapy is also about wonderful encounters. I was able to talk with patients who were at the end of the therapy protocol and others who had arrived at the same time as me. We all came out of it cured and above all much stronger. I have kept in touch with some of them, they will recognize themselves when they read my testimony.

Thank you to Mr. Bonneyrat for his great professionalism and kindness, it was a joy to exchange on a daily basis.

And a big thank you to Natacha for her clear-sightedness and her very direct method of working, which gets to the bottom of things.

It took me 3 sessions from 31 August 2020 to 11 December 2020 to heal. If I had to do it again, I would do it again without any hesitation.

At the moment, I play drums in a band, have meals with my family and above all, I have acquired great wisdom, peace and serenity.

Thanks to Natacha, Yves, Hugues, Alexandra and Frédéric, Valérian, Magalie, Nadia.

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