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Mrs Thérèse D. – Pensioner

Since June 2014, I had been suffering from hyperacusis, tinnitus and severe deafness that came on suddenly one evening after a hike, I was completely distraught.

After having consulted several ENT specialists, I was fitted with hearing aids with white noise generators that I couldn’t stand.

After having tried everything possible, I gave up and locked myself in, as I couldn’t stand all the noise that had become so aggressive.

I met Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat through the HA 44 association (acoustic handicap) and in 2022 my husband and I decided to go to La Rochelle for a consultation.  I was very anxious, I was afraid of another failure.

After a very thorough examination and my main wish being to hear better, she proposed a fitting with sound blocking according to my tolerance and it worked.

I no longer startle at the slightest noise as soon as I am fitted and I have been able to resume an almost normal family life.

I am followed up regularly to make the necessary adjustments for better hearing, I did not need to follow the therapy.

I no longer have hyperacusis and the tinnitus is bearable for the moment.

I finally found the help I was waiting for for 8 years thanks to Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat whom I sincerely thank.

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