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Patient who wished to remain anonymous – CEO

My tinnitus appeared in 2011 when I attended a Grand Prix automobile.

I was quickly taken over by the health services and consulted by renowned practitioners to curb this phenomenon.

The following months have been very painful both physically and emotionally, realizing that the inevitable was happening and that medicine, even in its greatest goodness, would never cure me.

I watched helpless, whole sections of my life collapse until Fall 2013 when, prey to the difficulties caused by the symptoms of insurmountable tinnitus, I had to give up my duties as a CEO.

After my first meeting with Mrs Chetritt Bonneyrat, and given the exemplary nature of her work and her perfect control of hearing disorders, I took the initiative to follow her therapeutic protocol.

Today, Monday July 10, 2017, I want and can testify that thanks to the effectiveness of Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat’s therapy, my tinnitus has totally disappeared and in all circumstances, it is a Victory!

The significant benefits had already been felt for a few weeks, which had allowed me to reconnect with professional affairs in total serenity and even before the end of the protocol.

The rigor and seriousness with which she “operates” and her commitment are all guarantees of success, as are her high tech processing devices.

I offer my gratitude to Mrs Chetritt-Bonneyrat and my deep respect.

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