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Mr Marc D. – Legal practitioner, Tax expert

In 2007, I was stricken with hyperacusis following sustained exposure to high sound volume (bar with loud music).

Over the past eight years, I have consulted various physicians whose recommendations only reduced the suffering produced the hyperacusis (cortisone, vasodilators), without treating the underlying cause.

During these eight years, I had to wear earplugs on a near-permanent basis to block out external sounds (cars, shops …) and even inside noise (dish washers, door bells, etc.) to prevent pain.

In June 2015, I met Mrs. Chetritt-Bonneyrat who, in additions to demonstrating great sympathy, displayed a wide theoretical and empirical knowledge of hyperacusis.

After six months of treatment, I can confirm that my painful hypersensitivity to ambient noises has disappeared. I have no more pain. I can do my shopping in shops and walk down the road without having to wear earplugs.

It is a true liberation! Like a second birth!

I am infinitely grateful to Mrs. Natacha Chetritt-Bonneyrat for the quality of her care and her attentive presence throughout the treatment.

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