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“Maya” – Patient wished to remain anonymous

“You’ll have to live with it…”

These four words, pronounced by the ENT specialists I consulted, have resonated in me for almost three years

I did WITH…

With the daily pain of not being who I was before the hyperacusis and the tinnitus,

With the hurtful everyday noises,

With plugs to wash and dry my hair,

With a helmet to support my journeys in the train, in the car..,

With the fear of suffering every time I go out,

With the hatred of the noise of the fridge,

With the anger when someone hurt me with a simple noise,

With the shame of not being totally attentive to my loved ones,

With the pain of not remembering what they say,

With the resignation of not answering invitations from friends,

With the sadness of no longer sharing my lover’s bed,

With the rage of not being able to stand anything,

With the guilt of not being there for those who needed me,

With the immense fatigue that was eating away at every part of my being,

With the sleepless nights or incomplete nights,

With the fear of never living again,

With the tears at each return of moments of sharing,

With the desire to end it all to be free…

As there is no chance, my brother gave me a contact, a doctor whose daughter had been saved by the treatment proposed by Madame Bonneyrat.

Her testimony echoed what I was experiencing; the fear of this mother of losing her daughter and the deliverance to her recovery thanks to the Øreblue sessions and the accompaniment of Mr and Mrs Bonneyrat.

Convinced that this was my chance to get out of this hell, I did everything I could to organise my treatment, and despite the organisational and financial obstacles, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel: everything fell into place!

Some of the sessions were painful and emotionally “stirring”, but every time I left the clinic, Mr Bonneyrat was there to comfort me and listen to me.

The hyperacusis (although very disabling with very low tolerance thresholds) evaporated in three sessions! The fear remained. As the sessions with Mrs Bonneyrat progressed, I regained my confidence.

The fear left me and I was able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to discover La Rochelle; to hear, listen and appreciate the sounds of the city.


WITHOUT hyperacusis,

NO tinnitus,

NO headphones,

NO fear,

NO isolation!

I REVISED and I thank from the depths of my being Natacha and Yves (I allow myself), to have made me RESTORE !!!!!!

I share my joy of living again with my family and I want to bring you the “trigger” to take the step. You will come out of your isolation and be able to LIVE again.

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